Dreams come true

Check out my song ‘Dreams come true’ The album drops this year.                                            see it here:  https://youtu.be/e9Ce6-N-Vj0 Advertisements

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Publishing Success…

Hi, I’m Tony Brady. I’m a relatively new author, as I had my first piece published in august 2017. In the less than six months that have passed since then I’ve managed to publish four more titles. I’m part of the KDP program with Amazon and so far so good. I haven’t made much money […]

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Books one and two of the ‘Thousand Scars’ series will be free form Jan.1st-Jan.5th 2018!!! Get them for free before book three comes out in April 2018!!! Happy Holidays!!! Get them at https://goo.gl/dW7zGw


A feeling

Earlier tonight I read a post on Facebook that Sebastian Groff had put up and I was inspired to comment on it. He mentioned one of the most eerie and powerful things that we experience as writers. Something that only we can experience and I believe It’s a true touch of magic here with us. […]

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    The plague is still running rampant and infecting both the innocents and the condemned without prejudice. The vile creatures which used to be human beings are thriving as they steal and rape and destroy alongside Annabella. Shane is still fighting through this evil to save his wife and daughter. Book two of the ‘Thousand […]

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